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If I could approach you. [entries|friends|calendar]
michelle irene

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[23 Apr 2006|09:46pm]

Prom was perfectCollapse )

I love my boyee ♥
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[15 Dec 2005|09:41pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

My parents are letting me go to winter formal with Phil, even though I'm grounded
and I couldn't be happier.
I'm so excited! Just to spend a night with him.

And I really do love his little nose and his peacock hair and his red beard and his retarded sideburn and his teeny nipples and every other little piece of him. He gives me butterflies.

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[20 Nov 2005|02:03pm]
I got a ticket for underage drinking last night that I still haven't showed to my parents. My court date's December 29th, I'm supposed to be in Florida that day. And I'm already grounded for coming home at 3 last night.

Bjorn's coming back tomorrow. I don't know if I still get to see him. I've been waiting 3 months.

I really need a job. And I need to start doing my shit in school. I have 2 F's.

I'm moving out as soon as I possibly can.

Oh yea, and I've been replaced.

At least I still have him.
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[06 Nov 2005|05:43pm]
"Life passes most people while they are making plans for it."

I've never come across a quote that described me more perfectly.
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[03 Nov 2005|02:15pm]
Lately I've been thinking about how much I take for granted.. and about how ridiculous my bad attitude has been recently. My problems are small. They're petty, but they piss me off, and often times I let them ruin what had the potential to be a good day. A precious day of happiness wasted, that I can never get back.

I just need to get some perspective. For God's sake, I live in Arrowhead. I love my parents, I have amazing friends, an amazing boyfriend, and I still find the most retarded things to complain about.

Sure, if one of your friends has a bad day and they're in a bad mood, a lot of times you'll try to make them feel better.. (hey, that blows but yahno, at least you don't have ball cancer!) But does it really help? Yea, usually not.. an hour later they'll be bitching and moaning the same as before (not discluding myself in this allegation).

Cause nothing like that has probably ever really happened to them. You probably never lost a parent, a sibling, a friend.. never had everything you've ever worked for blown to shreds in a hurricane.. never been disfigured in an accident.. If something traumatic had happened to you, the smaller things wouldn't phase you so much. You wouldn't act like your world was ending when your girlfriend dumps you, because you've already experienced what that really meant. You'd already know what it's like to really feel like the world is ending. You'd have perspective.

It kinda just makes me wish the worst thing to ever happen to me will just happen already, so I can live the rest of my life in bliss.

Yea.. this probably doesn't make sense and I'm not even sure what point I'm trying to make.. haha just got lonely and bored and felt like writing...
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[22 Oct 2005|04:13pm]

that's all I want
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[15 Oct 2005|02:29pm]

Probably the cutest picture i've ever seen in my life haha
2 asians :)
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[10 Oct 2005|01:26pm]


[02 Oct 2005|11:38am]
goodbye, mountain ridge.
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[18 Sep 2005|12:24pm]
"Fuck you! I hope you fucking choke on phil's dick and die. You were the worst 6 months of my life."
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I only write in my livejournal when i'm sad. [28 Aug 2005|09:12pm]
It amazes me the way I allow people to fuck me over sooooo badly time and time again. And I trust people that I know I shouldn't trust.

One thing I've come to learn is that probably the biggest warning sign is when someone gets mad at you for believing everyone else and the things they have to say about this person in question. Everyone else is usually right.

Live and learn I guess. At least I know better now, I'll never let this happen to me again.
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[17 Aug 2005|07:31pm]
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[09 Jun 2005|02:28pm]
I don't want to look at him, or be near him, or see his pictures, or hear his voice, or see his text messages on my phone, or his rose petals in a jar in my room, or his green balloons, I don't want to think about him.

This hurts so bad. More than I could put into words.

I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

I can't breathe without him.

[06 Jun 2005|10:43am]
The thing about you, Bjorn Lundberg, is even when I want to kill you, I want to be in your arms.

Dear Tierney,

Get here faster, you fucking whore.

Love, Michelle
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[25 May 2005|03:37pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Sophomore year.

It really was the best year of my life.

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